Monday, August 13, 2012

Lucet patterns

While doing some research on making friendship bracelets I ran across a link for making cordage with a lucet. I have done this in the past and still have a small lucet. I did not find many patterns to cut a lucet so I made some up for the public at large.
What is a lucet you say? It is a wood, bone, plastic forked tool to make decorative cord, for clothes for decoration, to use an bracelets, etc.

You will need to click the image to get a full size picture to print. I put a few measurements on the image to help you size it as needed.


  1. Nice drawing, but no directions on what to do with the pieces once you make them. Do ya need to make all 3 pieces?

  2. The drawings show three lucets of slightly different design. anyone of them should work well. Diffinatly going to give making one a try. Pinterest has some good links to lucet tutorials, or Google.

  3. Thanks for sharing!